Apple releases iOS 15.0.1 with a fix to unlock the iPhone 13 Apple Watch error

Apple today released iOS 15.0.1, which is the first official update to iOS 15 released in September. iOS 15.0.1 comes two weeks after the launch of ‌iOS 15‌ and is an update to bug fixes.

The update for iOS 15.0.1 can be downloaded for free, and the software is available on all eligible devices wirelessly in the Settings app. To access the new software, go to Settings> General> Software Update.

Today’s update probably fixes an Apple Watch bug that hit iPhone 13 users. Many iPhone 13 owners couldn’t use a feature designed to allow iPhone to be unlocked using a proven Apple Watch when the user wears a mask.

iphone 13 apple watch bug

People who tried to use this option encountered an error message about a communication problem with the Apple Watch. Apple has promised that the fix will be up and running soon after the bug occurs, and has also fixed the issue in iOS 15.1 beta.

Today’s update also fixes an error that could cause the Settings app to incorrectly display a memory full warning, and fixes an issue that could cause an unexpected run of exercises on the Apple Watch for some Fitness + subscribers.

This update includes bug fixes for your iPhone.
– Unlocking iPhone with Apple Watch may not work on iPhone 13 models
– The Settings application may display a warning that the memory is full
– Audio meditations could unexpectedly start an exercise on the Apple Watch for some Fitness + subscribers

Apple has also released a new version of iPadOS 15.0.1, which has the same fixes for the Settings and Audio Meditation app.

Apple also said it plans to fix a bug in Core Animation that would prevent some developers from taking full advantage of 120Hz ProMotion screens for their application animations, and that could also be in an update.

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