Apple recalls and service programs: Here’s the full list

Curious if an issue you’re seeing with an Apple device might be covered even after your warranty is up? Read along for a look at all of the open Apple recalls and service programs for everything from AirPods and Apple Watch to iPhone and MacBooks.

Apple has a landing page that details all of its devices with issues that are eligible for free repair or replacement.

Even though many of the open Apple recalls or service/replacement programs were announced years ago, some of them include coverage for up to 5 years after the original sale of the device with some not having an expiration at all.

How to check your device for eligibility

A limited number of Apple’s programs include a serial number checker to immediately know if your device is covered while others will require you to visit an Apple Store or reach out to AppleCare.

  • After finding your device/issue from the list below, follow the link to see if Apple offers a serial checker or if you need to get in touch with Apple.
  • Even if you’re not eligible and out of warranty, check if you have extended warranty coverage automatically applied to purchases through your bank/credit card

Apple labels device issues that are potentially dangerous (fire/shock risk, etc.) as “recalls” while other issues with devices that aren’t harmful are labeled service or replacement programs.

The AirPods Pro Sound Issue Program has been one of the most talked about in recent years, but here’s the full list…

Current Apple recalls and service programs

Sorted newest to oldest by announcement date from Apple:

iPhone repair via Apple

We’ve also got a guide on how to check if you’re eligible for a payout through the class action lawsuit over Apple’s Butterfly Keyboards.

Thanks for checking out our guide on all the open Apple recalls and service programs!

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