Apple Pride celebrations feature Madonna and LGBTQIA+ playlists

Apple Pride celebrations, ahead of Pride Month in June, are continuing. The company kicked things off with a new Apple Watch band and watch face, and has today announced new workouts with music playlists of LGBTQIA+ “artists and allies.”

In the ally category is an Artist Spotlight on Madonna, who Apple describes as a longtime social activist…

The company says the Madonna spotlight will be available on June 5.

In celebration of Pride, Apple Fitness+ is introducing new workouts and meditations that will shine a light on the LGBTQ+ community, as well as a new Artist Spotlight featuring music by longtime social activist and ally Madonna.

The Artist Spotlight series — which dedicates an entire workout playlist to a single artist — expands with new workouts featuring music by Madonna. On Monday, June 5, new workouts featuring the singer’s music will be available across workout types including HIIT, Rowing, Cycling, Core, Treadmill, Strength, Dance, and Yoga.

The Apple Fitness+ instructors will be getting into the spirit of things, by wearing Madonna-themed outfits. Special kudos to Tyrell Désean, who will be running a cycling workout while wearing a wedding dress (as you do).

The energy and themes of each workout are inspired by Madonna’s impact on self-acceptance and inclusivity across music, culture, and style. The music playlist in each workout features hits from each decade of her career, starting with the 1980s and continuing into the 2010s.

Each trainer leading the workouts will be styled in one of the singer’s legendary fashion looks. In a Cycling workout, Fitness+ trainer Tyrell Désean empowers users to express themselves while rocking a white lace wedding dress inspired by the artist’s memorable style at the 1984 MTV Video Music Awards show and hit song “Like a Virgin.” In a Rowing workout, Fitness+ trainer Anja Garcia celebrates the artist’s change and reinvention through the decades while honoring her iconic fashion in the “Material Girl” music video.

Seven new workouts and meditations will feature LGBTQIA+ artists and allies.

Starting Monday, May 29, Fitness+ will further celebrate Pride month in June by introducing seven new workouts and meditations that honor the LGBTQ+ community […] spreading the message of inclusivity and acceptance for all. The workouts will also feature special Pride lighting inspired by the rainbow flag.

Fitness+ trainer Christian Howard leads a new meditation reflecting on iconic leaders who have united communities in support of equal rights.

Parades has interviews with some of the instructors, and Apple’s fitness head, Julz Arney.

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