Apple Podcasts gets new filtering options in iOS 15.4

It’s not easier to navigate long-running shows.
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Apple is making a number of nice design improvements to its Podcasts app in iOS 15.4. The biggest is the ability to filter podcast episodes by season.

The change will undoubtedly prove useful when users are navigating their way through long-running shows. And it’s not the only new option for podcast filtering in Apple’s latest beta.

Apple Podcasts adds new filters

Apple Podcasts is an incredibly convenient way to listen to your favorite shows because it comes pre-installed on every iPhone, iPad and Mac. It seems, however, that in recent years, Apple has recognized it needs improvement.

After rolling out a major redesign in iOS 14.5, Apple finally added much-anticipated Podcasts Subscriptions last June. And with its new 15.4 beta, Cupertino continues to make tweaks to improve the overall experience.

It’s now possible to filter podcast episodes by season for the first time by using the new drop-down menu that appears above episode lists. You can also browse by season in the Episodes view.

These filters only work if the podcast itself has added season details – a feature that Apple first added with iOS 11 in 2017. But there are some others you can now take advantage of in the Apple Podcasts app.

Filter by played, unplayed and more

Using the same drop-down menu, you can also filter played, unplayed, downloaded and saved episodes. This will make it easier to find episodes you missed – and those you’ve saved locally when you have no data for streaming.

It seems these changes were quietly introduced in the first iOS 15.4 beta. But in the third release, which Apple rolled out to registered developers on Tuesday, there’s now a “What’s New” splash screen that highlights them.

iOS 15.4 should roll out to everyone in the coming weeks. In addition to Podcasts improvements, it lets you use Face ID with a mask, adds new emoji, and fixes a bug that prevented apps from using ProMotion on iPhone 13 Pro.

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