Apple Pencil Alternatives: The best non-Apple pen for the iPad 2021

As far as tablets go, it’s hard to beat the best iPad. However, for an optimal iPad experience, you’ll want to take an iPad pen because it really complements the tablet. Although Apple has two variations of the Apple Pencil for different iPad models, many feel the prices are a little too high. Fortunately, there are cheaper alternatives that still work great. Here are some other fantastic Apple Pencil alternatives you can currently find on the market.

Universal pencil:
ZAGG – Pro Stylus – universal capacitive rear tip

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The ZAGG Pro Stylus comes in an elegant gunmetal color and has a pretty strong impression. It is cylindrical, but also with a flat side, which is magnetically attached to the iPad Pro, but works with all newer iPads. The tip is very precise with sensitivity to tilt and palm rejection. It charges via USB-C with a long-lasting battery. At the other end is a plain capacitive tip for use with your iPhone and other devices.

Adonit Note M Render

Productivity booster:
Adonit Note-M with sensor mouse pen

The Note-M is a unique Apple Pencil alternative as it also serves as a mouse for your iPad. It’s magnetic, so it can be attached to your iPad for easy storage, and it has precise sensitivity at the top and tilt. Mouse functionality includes left and right click buttons and a touch panel to scroll. The multi-angle mouse sensor also works at a distance of up to 5 mm from the surface.

$ 80 on Amazon

Switcheasy Easypencil Pro 3 Render

Very affordable:
SwitchEasy EasyPencil Pro 3

EasyPencil Pro 3 looks the same as Apple Pencil 2, but has a much more comfortable point and is compatible with all newer iPads. The tip is precise, has palm rejection, charges via USB-C and has a long-lasting battery. It can be paired right away with your iPad, but try to avoid touching the top unless necessary because it turns it off.

$ 37 on Amazon

Adonit Note + Stylus

Take into account:
Adonit Note + Digital pen

Adonit Note + is an advanced pen with a precise tip, palm rejection and sensitivity to pressure and tilt. It also has two programmable shortcut buttons, so you can customize Note + with the tools you need most, such as resetting, but this only works in supported applications. It’s also compatible with many iPads, so check to see if yours is supported first.

$ 48 on Amazon


Entertain the children:
Logitech Crayon digital pen for iPad

The Logitech Crayon looks a bit chunky, but is actually great to hold in your hand and is roll-resistant. It works with all iPads from 2018 and newer and has a precise top with palm rejection technology and tilt sensitivity. It also charges via Lightning, so you don’t need a new cable – just use the one with your iPad or iPhone.

Adonit Pro 4 Render

Simple and professional:
Adonit Pro 4 Luxury Stylus Pen

Adonit Pro 4 has a very luxurious and professional aesthetic, which makes it the perfect pen that you can take with you to business meetings. It has a precision tip with a soft precision disc that helps you get the most precise lines possible. When not in use, just use a notched hook to attach the pen to your pocket, bag and more, just like a high-end pen.

$ 30 on Amazon

The best alternatives to Apple Pencil

While both the first-generation Apple Pencil and its newer brother, the Apple Pencil 2, will always be the absolute best pen for the iPad, not everyone wants to pay the high price of admission for it. That’s why there are so many third-party Apple Pencil alternatives that are just as good as Apple’s, but for a fraction of the price.

Of course, the biggest selling point of the second-generation Apple Pencil is that it can wirelessly charge the iPad Pro, iPad Air and the new iPad mini 6. It has pressure sensitivity, which is what you need for digital art. But if you don’t mind not having those features, then the savings work well.

My current favorite is the ZAGG Pro Stylus if you are looking for some recommendations. The dark metallic color is sleek, and it looks top-notch and massive. Precise tip means you will write and draw precisely, and there is a sensitivity to tilt. Plus, it works with even your best iPhone thanks to that capacitive tip, which is a bonus!

Another fantastic option is Adonit Note +, especially if you are an experienced user. This is one of the few pens from other manufacturers with sensitivity to pressure and tilt, although it is only for supported applications. And there are two programmable shortcut buttons so you can really make Note + your own.

For those who want something like Apple Pencil 2, but have a limited budget, SwitchEasy EasyPencil is a great alternative. It has the same design as the Apple Pencil 2 with a precision tip and can be magnetically attached to your iPad Pro, but at a fraction of the price.

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