Apple Patent imagines Apple TV and HomeKit smart remote control with Touch ID

Apple is exploring the possibility of integrating its Touch ID biometric technology into an Apple TV remote control or home automation remote control, according to a new patent. As he was the first to report Patently Apple, Apple received a utility patent this week that describes “remote coverage of televisions, home appliances, doors, appliances and more” with biometric authentication.

As he noticed Patently Apple, it is important to remember that this is a patent for use, not a patent for design. This means that the patent does not provide a view of the potential design of the future Apple TV or remote control for home automation, but rather the idea of ​​”delivering a biometric system that is included in the remote control.”

The idea presented in the patent is that the remote control, which could be used for Apple TV or home automation, has one or two Touch ID sensors. This would allow you to authenticate your purchases on Apple TV, control secure HomeKit accessories and more.

The abstract of the patent reads:

An electronic device having at least one operating setting, such as a power setting, with at least the first and second states. The electronic device may also include an access controller that can receive status data and authorization data from an external source such as a remote control. The access controller may enable the state of the operational setting after receiving the correct authorization data received from or relating to the output of at least one biometric sensor connected to the remote control.

According to the patent, a remote control can have one or more types of biometric authentication and sensors. There could also be integration with parental control functions to limit what children can do with the remote control.

9to5Mac takes

As always, it is important to keep in mind that Apple patents a your different technologies and a very small percentage of them end up being used in consumer-oriented technology. Given this, it’s interesting to imagine an Apple TV or a smart home remote control in general with Touch ID integration.

Personally, I think it’s particularly interesting to think about how Apple plans to delve deeper into the smart home market in general. While there are a number of powerful options for third-party smart home controllers, Apple could enter the market and offer deep integration with HomeKit and Apple TV.

What do you think of the Apple Remote with Touch ID integration? Let us know in the comments.

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