Apple opted for the iPhone 13 camera sensor and bionic chip three years ago

It’s no secret that Apple starts working on its iPhones a few months before launch. After all, a company has to consider many factors and fine-tune its hardware before it reaches the production line. Apple’s CEO revealed that the camera sensors for the iPhone 13 and A15 Bionic were planned three years before the release.

Apple’s vice president of camera hardware engineering, Graham Townsend, spoke with Britain’s GQ. Executives talked about how the company chooses the camera hardware and the thought process behind it. Speaking about the iPhone, Townsend said that the sensors and processors of the iPhone camera were “frozen” three years ago. In other words, Apple has already decided on the chipset and camera sensors for the iPhone 15! This gives the team enough time to optimize the user experience and test new camera features.

Planning has to start about three years in advance, because then we actually fix the silicon specifications, ”says Townsend. “So, for example, the sensor is defined at that point, and the A15 Bionic processor is also frozen. Then we need to start talking to Jon and anticipate the experiences we want. Apparently, when we designed the new ultra-wide lens, we intended to deliver macro photos. But how will it work in both photos and video?

While some of us are thinking about the iPhone 14, Apple already has the specifications ready for the device. Planning hardware options three years before launch is a remarkable endeavor. Especially given the fast pace at which technology is constantly evolving. Furthermore, early planning could come in handy if something goes wrong closer to launch.

Our Take

iPhones are known for a great user experience. Apple has stayed out of the race with specs and instead focuses on providing an unmatched user experience. In a recent interview, the CEO of Apple spoke about the cinematic mode of operation of the iPhone 13 and the efforts that went behind the scenes.

[via British GQ]

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