Apple now allows you to share how much you love or hate embedded apps through App Store reviews

For the longest time, the App Store did not allow users to rate or view Apple’s built-in iPhone and iPad apps, such as mail, music, news, stocks, and calculators. However, seemingly since the release of iOS 15 earlier this month, Apple has now lifted that restriction. The App Store feedback season on Apple shares is now open.

As you might expect, customer feedback has already flooded Apple’s apps, and the Podcasts app is currently statistically the worst with a rating of 2.0 …

Although Apple had no reason to officially announce this policy change, it is possible that Apple opened it due to increasing competition pressure, as third-party apps are not allowed to hide their App Store ratings.

You can rate and view any Apple app that can be deleted and reinstalled through the App Store, so basic system apps like phones or messages are excluded because they have no entries in the App Store.

Since the ability to rate and browse is still fairly new, most stock apps have only a few dozen ratings so far. However, you can imagine that anyone who has complaints after upgrading to iOS 15 rushes to the App Store to leave their “constructive” one-star feedback.

One of Apple’s most popular services, Apple Music, has already posted about 300 reviews with an average rating of 3.7.

As already mentioned, Podcasts are just crossing the 2-star mark as users continue to complain about changes due to the redesign of the iOS 14.5 app. The Translate app is only 2.2 stars, and reviewers have noticed that it pales in comparison to the translation quality provided by competing apps like Google Translate. Apple News also fails to achieve a 2.3-star passing rating, and many reviewers complain that the app constantly crashes when viewing articles.

No Apple app comes close to the famous 5-star perfect score. Voice Memos currently seems to be Apple’s best-rated 4-star embedded app. The timing is also going relatively well, with 3.7 stars, and customers pricing an improvement that brings an update to iOS 15. However, there is a common requirement for apps for both time and calculator …

Stock reviews are particularly comical:

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