Apple needs a 16-inch MacBook Air in its line

Some of the criticism of the latest 16-inch MacBook Pro should inspire Apple to make a MacBook Air with a screen of the same size. It would be the largest Air ever, but there seems to be a market for a very large, but very thin, Mac notebook.

And that’s not something Apple offers in its current product line.

The 16-inch MacBook Pro is a beast

On the day the 16-inch MacBook Pro first came into the hands of excited customers, it’s not hard to find people who have gone through it because of its thickness.

It is VERY thick and heavy“, Wrote Jack Weimer on Twitter. “Square and thick comes to mind 🙁Said another Twitter user. “Honestly, I DON’T like how thick it isSaid Vedant Rusty. And there are many,, many more negative comments about the new MacBook Pro in the same tone.

It might be tempting to blame the messengers – to criticize critics of the 16-inch MacBook Pro. But that would be unfair. What they want is a slim MacBook with the largest screen available. They are not wrong to want that.

Give us a 16-inch MacBook Air

We know a lot about the MacBook Air coming in 2022, though we don’t expect it to arrive in almost a year. It should be quite thin, very colorful and offer a minimum number of ports.

What is not known is the screen size. But there has never been an Air larger than 13.3 inches, so Apple is probably planning another one of that size, or maybe 14 inches, such as this year’s smaller MacBook Pro. And that would be great. But that shouldn’t be the only option.

It’s also time for a 16-inch MacBook Air. While it’s true that this line of laptops is aimed at people with fairly modest computing needs, it’s about processing power, not screen size. Writers and executives also need big screens.

Apple could make a thin laptop around an M1 or M2 processor, depending on when it launches. There would be no room for fans in the ultra-thin chassis, but the base M1 they certainly don’t need, and the same will almost certainly be the case with the base M2.

Of course, such a device would not have the same top performance as the 2021 MacBook Pro. To achieve this, you need a more powerful M1 Pro or M1 Max chip – and they need fans. But MacBook Air users don’t have to render 3D scenes in 8K. They mostly write emails. Or edit tables.

But then again, even someone working on a script or making Zoom calls can use a 16-inch screen. And right now, the only way to get it from Apple is to buy a MacBook Pro with much more processing power – and associated quantity and cost – than many need. No wonder some people are complaining about the new 16-inch MacBook Pro.

We may have to be patient

The bad news is that it takes years to design a successful laptop. If Apple doesn’t already have a 16-inch MacBook Air in development, it’s probably impossible to ship it before 2023. At the earliest.

Still, complaints about the thickness of the 16-inch MacBook Pro show that there is a demand for such a slender beast with a big screen. The sooner Apple starts, the sooner it will be able to meet that demand.

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