Apple makes the MacBook Pro 2021 battery much easier to replace

When it comes time to replace the battery in your MacBook Pro 2021, you can avoid expensive services. Apple has made this process much easier than on earlier MacBook models.

All six battery cells in the new machines are easily accessible – without the need to remove the logic board first – and much easier to remove. The changes make it fairly easy to repair at home for those who are brave enough.

The 2021 MacBook Pro battery is easy to remove

The MacBook Pro 2021 marks a major change of direction for Apple’s portable machines. Not only does it bring back a number of useful ports that were removed in 2016, including MagSafe, but it also eliminates the controversial Touch Bar.

Apple seems to have made some twists on the interior of the new laptop as well. iFixit discovered during its disassembly of the MacBook Pro 2021 that all six battery cells of the machine are easy to access and easy to remove.

“As we peek into the gut, we notice something we haven’t seen in a long time on the MacBook Pro, three words that make our hair stand on end: battery pull tabs,” he writes. “Better yet, the battery doesn’t seem to be trapped under the logic board.”

Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that replacing the batteries is as simple as it was before Apple brought the aluminum case to the MacBook Pro in 2008 – when the battery could be easily removed without opening the machine.

Good news for DIY service technicians

But it’s a big change that will make it much easier to replace the MacBook Pro 2021’s battery. All you have to do to get to the battery cells is remove the bottom cover and trackpad – which is relatively easy to do.

The batteries are held in place by glue, which can be removed by pulling small tabs, such as those inside the iPhone and iPad.

“We still have a long way to go to disassemble, but this new MacBook Pro has, to say the least, the first reasonably DIY-friendly battery replacement procedure since 2012,” iFixit said.

A complete disassembly is still in progress, so be on the lookout for interesting updates if you want to know what’s inside the new MacBook Pro.

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