Apple makes it easy for users to report applications for fraud

Given that there are millions of apps in Apple’s App Store, there will certainly be some bad eggs trying to fool users as well. We’ve already heard stories like this, where some scam apps reportedly earn as much as a million dollars from users a month. It now seems that Apple has finally resolved these issues by making it easier for users to sign up for these types of applications.

As Kosta Eleftheriou and Richard Mazkweich noted on Twitter, it seems that Apple has finally added a “Report a Problem” button in the App Store to enter apps. By tapping, users will be redirected to another page where they can then choose whether the application in question is a scam or a scam.

Prior to that, users had to apply a time-consuming method of logging in to these types of apps and would then be redirected to another website where they would have to log in to their Apple account again. Users have been a little more problematic in logging in because of this, but by returning the button, users will now be able to complain to Apple more easily than ever.

This feature would require you to install the app on your phone, which we assume is fair because Apple probably doesn’t want people to simply abuse this feature to try to bring innocent apps into trouble.

While this is a welcome update, it’s another story of how long Apple will need to resolve reported apps and what it will do. Critics have pointed out that Apple has allowed these types of apps to be widespread in the past, so while reporting on them is now easier, what Apple does after that is likely to be clearer about whether they are taking these issues more seriously now.

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