Apple launches all-new ‘Apple Trade In’ website in time for Earth Day

Apple has put an increasingly big focus on trade-ins over the last several years, encouraging users to trade in their old iPhones for instant credit towards a new device. Now, Apple has launched a new “Apple Trade In” website with a new design, more details about the trade-in process, and more.

The new website comes just in time for Earth Day, and Apple explains the environmental benefits of trading in old devices.

The new “Apple Trade In” website

The new Apple Trade In website encourages users to use the program to “get a great value for your current device and apply it toward a new one.” Apple highlights how the process works both online and at Apple Store locations.

“With Apple Trade In, you can get a great value for your current device and apply it towards a new one. And you can do it all online or at an Apple Store,” Apple says. “If your device isn’t eligible for credit, we’ll recycle it for free. It’s good for you and the planet.”

Despite the new design, Apple hasn’t made any changes to the trade-in values ​​themselves. You can get between $40 and $600 for an iPhone, between $50 and $165 for an Apple Watch, between $35 and $445 for an iPad, between $35 and $1,250 for a Mac, and between $30 and $305 for an Android device.

For “other devices,” which include iPods, Apple TV, and HomePod, Apple says that it will gladly recycle those products for free. “Cables, cases, monitors, and more don’t need to go to waste,” Apple explains. “We can recycle them so they can go on to help the planet.”

Apple’s new Trade In website also includes a rundown of answers to common questions, how trading in old devices benefits the planet and how the company protects your personal data during the trade-in process.

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