Apple is working to further deepen the integration of CarPlay with support for AC, music system and more

Apple is working on a project to further deepen the integration of CarPlay into cars. Internally known as “IronHeart”, the company wants to use CarPlay to control air conditioning, radio, seats and other things in the vehicle.

The project is still at an early stage, so it takes a lot of work before the idea becomes a reality. However, it highlights how important CarPlay has become for Apple in recent years.

The Bloomberg report details that Apple wants to allow iPhone users to use CarPlay to control AC temperature, seats, armrests, change music system settings, view temperature and humidity sensor data, and more. With this data, CarPlay would become the primary interface for controlling almost all aspects of the car.

Currently, CarPlay primarily offers controls related to music playback and navigation, with users having to return to the infotainment system user interface to control other aspects of their vehicle. Apple first launched CarPlay in 2014, and after a lukewarm response from carmakers, it is now available on 600 different models. However, Apple’s recent moves to further improve CarPlay and integrate the iPhone with the vehicle have failed miserably.

The company has announced CarKey 2020, a feature that allows you to use your iPhone or Apple Watch as your car’s digital key, but only works with select BWM vehicles. Similarly, Apple has previously allowed the use of Syria to control selected car features, including changing climate settings, sound sources, etc. However, these features have been removed in iOS 15 due to a lack of support from car manufacturers.

The report says Apple could cancel its IronHeart initiative if the features don’t promise enough, though time will tell. This feature could also cause a great response from car manufacturers as they would not want to give CarPlay access to all vehicle settings.

[Via Bloomberg]

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