Apple is telling developers how to use 120Hz ProMotion for the iPhone 13 Pro

Apple has updated its developer documentation on ProMotion, explaining to developers how to understand and properly use the variable refresh rate feature in the iPhone 13 Pro models.

It was revealed on Friday that developers failed to take full advantage of ProMotion, Apple’s variable refresh rate feature that can change screen updates from the typical 60Hz to a maximum of 120Hz. Hours after Apple acknowledged that developers could take advantage of this feature, it also took steps to educate developers on how to use ProMotion properly.

In updating the Core Animation framework developer documentation on Apple’s website, there is a new page called “Optimizing ProMotion refresh rates for iPhone 13 Pro and iPad Pro.”

The page explains that developers can set up animations to work at higher or lower refresh rates and how to do it. While some frame animation features can control frame pacing for developers, such as UIKit and SpriteKit, developers can take advantage of CADisplayLink to determine animation time.

As part of the documentation, it is also confirmed that a higher refresh rate range is available on the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max, compared to the iPad Pro.

The iPad Pro can display content at 120Hz, 60Hz, 40Hz, 30Hz and 24Hz. Meanwhile, the iPhone 13 Pro pair can also use the lowest 80Hz, 48Hz, 20Hz, 16Hz, 15Hz, 12Hz and 10Hz.

Apple recommends that small animations with fewer updates can use lower frame rates to save energy, while high-performance animations, such as games, could take advantage of higher refresh rates.

Apple confirmed automatic refresh rate management late Friday, as part of a clarification following a developer’s report on animation issues earlier in the day. At the same time, it has been confirmed that there is a problem with animations made using Core Animations, and that a repair is on the way, but for now some animations may be limited to 60Hz.

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