Apple is taking legal action against Russia’s market supervisor in conflict with the IAP system

Back in October, Russia launched an antitrust lawsuit against Apple, accusing it of not allowing app developers to inform customers about alternative payment options in the App Store. According to RT, the iPhone maker has filed a lawsuit against the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) over the dispute.

Earlier this year, the FAS filed a lawsuit against Apple to “stop market abuse.” This has forced the technology company to allow developers to promote alternative payments to their IAP system. However, the iPhone manufacturer is now reportedly seeking a judicial review of the warning.

Russian surveillance issued a warning for the first time in August. Apple has been given until September 30 to solve the problem, otherwise the technology giant could face a fine. The fine would be calculated on the basis of income in Russia. After Apple did not meet the deadline, the FAS initiated proceedings against it, alleging non-compliance.

Apple takes a 15 to 30 percent commission on revenue generated through the App Store. Developers are not allowed to bypass Apple’s system by linking to their own website or offering alternative payment methods. It was also announced that the case was initiated after some iOS users and developers complained to the Russian regulator that it is sometimes “cheaper to buy a product on the seller’s website, and not on Apple’s platform.”

Earlier this year, in April, Russia fined Apple $ 12 million for allegedly abusing its position in the mobile application market. The move came after a complaint by Kaspersky Lab, after Apple removed the Kaspersky Safe Kids app from the App Store. However, Apple retaliated and filed a lawsuit to fight the penalty.

Apple is facing a similar situation in the U.S., and the court has ordered it to allow third-party payment methods in the App Store. However, a recent legal report showed that, although Apple intends to comply, it will still charge its commission.

[Via RT]

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