Apple is silent about most of the prices of the Apple Watch Series 7

How much does a 45mm Apple Watch Series 7 cost? No one but Apple knows for sure.
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The Apple Watch Series 7 launches on Friday, but pricing information for most configurations remains a mystery less than a day after its premiere. All that Apple has revealed so far is that the base model is $ 399.

If customers do not have this information until they start pre-ordering, those who spend extra time deciding on the configuration may have to wait an extra week to purchase their device.

Most of the price of the Apple Watch Series 7 is a mystery

At Apple’s October product event, the company announced: “The Apple Watch Series 7 will start at $ 399.” And that’s the last thing he said about product prices.

The watchOS device for 2021 is on Apple’s website, but has nothing to do with displaying the cost of different configurations, as these are usually products announced by Cupertino but not yet receiving orders.

The 7 Series comes in sizes of 41 mm and 45 mm. The $ 399 prices certainly apply to the smaller version, but no one outside Apple knows what the price of the larger screen model will be. On the Series 6, the size increase adds $ 30, but there is no confirmation that would be valid for the 2021 version.

The base model is aluminum, but it is not known how much the stainless steel or titanium versions will cost.

Get ready to quickly choose the right model

The supply of the Apple Watch Series 7 could be limited. Tipster Jon Prosser recently warned: “I was told that the first round of mass production began a little less than a month ago, so initial stocks will be very limited.” That’s why it will be important to order quickly on Friday morning. Those who procrastinate too much could find themselves waiting for extra weeks for them to arrive.

It would be wise for those who plan to buy in advance to know what they want. But it’s like working blindly because there’s no pricing data for most configurations just hours before launch. Normally, it would be possible to enter the clock configuration into the Apple Store at this point and save it. But not this time and it is not clear why not.

The likely result will be complaints from people who failed to ship their Apple Watch Series 7 on October 15 simply because they decided for a while whether upgrading to a larger screen and / or replacement case material was worth the extra cost.

And that comes just weeks after problems in the online Apple Store ruined the launch of the iPhone 13.

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