Apple is sending celebratory T-shirts to mark the 1st year of the M1 chip

A stellar first year for Apple Silicon.
Photo: Andy Boretto

Apple engineers and other employees who helped develop the M1 chip receive T-shirts to celebrate its one-year anniversary. The T-shirts have a picture of the M1 chip, according to a photo posted on Twitter by a senior Apple employee.

“Every now and then something happens that changes everything,” reads the accompanying note. “Congratulations and thank you for helping make Apple M1 possible!”

Apple celebrates 1 year of M1

Apple’s decision to discontinue Intel’s processors in favor of its own silicone has led to the most powerful, most efficient MacBook models we’ve ever seen. And despite ongoing supply problems, it has been an incredibly smooth transition.

The original M1, which Apple unveiled in November 2020 after a magnificent review at its Worldwide Developers Conference months earlier, delighted us with its processing and graphics performance. This made competing mobile chips look pathetic.

Last year, Apple followed the M1 Pro and M1 Max, and it is expected that this year we will get even more powerful “M2” chips – with major upgrades to the iMac and Mac Pro. But not before Apple celebrates one year of M1.

Andy Boretto, a senior Apple engineer who worked on the transition from PowerPC to Intel in the mid-2000s, as well as the transition from Intel to the M1, shared a photo special M1 T-shirts Cupertino sends certain workers to celebrate this milestone.

‘M1 was a breeze’

“It takes a lot of people working from the home campus to do this,” Boretto told supporters. “The transition of information was almost like magic! We would buy things from Fry’s and hack a lot of things. M1 was a breeze. ”

“The hardware team killed him here! Our software teams were super important, but the wizards of the hardware team, wow. How they do it is always impressive. ”

Here’s another year of Apple silicone and all the exciting developments that will mean it for the Mac (and iPad Pro).

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