Apple is reportedly “not surprised” by the demand for its $ 19 polishing cloth

Hot on the heels of Apple’s polishing cloth that was broken by iFixit, the New York Times published an article in which he elaborates the reasons for the huge demand for it. The article quotes an anonymous CEO of Apple who said that the company was “not surprised” by the demand.

There is currently a waiting period of 10 to 12 weeks for Apple’s polishing cloth if you order it online. In retail outlets, Apple says the product is “currently unavailable.” Despite that, an Apple official said New York Times that the iPhone maker is “not surprised” by the high demand for this hilarious overpriced accessory that is “very efficient” in its business.

According to this anonymous official, Apple designed the polishing cloth to be special, including a custom light gray color. Apple said the fabric was made of non-woven microfiber, but reportedly declined to specify. The report points out that the polishing cloth is not exactly a new product. It was previously bundled with Apple’s Pro Display XDR, but after the “fired” event, Apple decided to sell the polishing cloth separately.

Our Take

Right from its launch, Apple’s polishing cloth has been the subject of a joke as it is overpriced at $ 19, has the largest device compatibility list (88 devices) ever seen on Apple’s website and is ordered more than other recently released Apple products. It turned out that the polishing cloth is an unsung hero among the products published at the “Unleashed” event, and we don’t complain!

Are you a buyer of polishing cloth? If so, tell us why!

[Via New York Times]

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