Apple is planning five new Macs for 2022, including a refresh of the entry-level MacBook Pro

Apple is working on five new Macs to launch in 2022, including a new version of the initial MacBook Pro, according to Bloomberg. Mark Gurman.

In the latest issue of his Power On newsletter, Gurman said he expects Apple to launch five new Macs in 2022, including:

  • A premium iMac with Apple silicone that will be above the 24-inch ‌iMac‌ in the line
  • Significant redesign of MacBook Air with “M2” chip and new design
  • Updated Mac mini
  • New version of the initial MacBook Pro
  • New Mac Pro with Apple silicone

While there have been a lot of rumors surrounding Apple’s iMacs, MacBook Air, Mac mini and Mac Pro updates, Gourmet’s mention of the new initial MacBook Pro stands out. He previously mentioned that the next-generation MacBook Pro will feature the same M2 chip as the next-generation MacBook Air, with the same number of CPU cores as the M1 chip, up to 10 graphics cores and improved performance, but this is the first time the machine has been mentioned in more than half a year.

It seems that the introduction of the latest Apple high-end MacBook Pro models, which have larger screens, abolished the Touch Bar and added more ports, left the beginner MacBook Pro in a somewhat strange position in the Mac line, leading to speculation that it could be abolished and replaced with a premium version of the MacBook Air, but Gurman ‘s reaffirmation suggests the new MacBook Pro is still on track for 2022.

Details about the new machine are unclear, but there are significant questions about how the new entry-level MacBook Pro will take the middle ground between the new “M2” “MacBook Air” and the current premium MacBook Pro, and whether aspects like the Touch Bar will remain.

Refreshments to the 24-inch ‌iMac‌ and high-end MacBook Pro have been noticeably left out of Gourmet’s 2022 expectations list. computers annually.

In addition to the Mac, Gourmet mentioned that he expects the iPhone SE with 5G, the new AirPods Pro headphones and the introduction of Apple’s first mixed augmented and virtual reality headsets in 2022.

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