Apple is giving up the fight against alternative payment systems in Korea

Apple has confirmed that it will allow developers to offer third-party payment systems for the purchase of applications in South Korea, according to a new report.

The move comes after Korean regulators ruled last August that smartphone makers, including those, cannot force users to buy solely through their own app markets. But Apple will not give up on reducing revenue.

Apple will allow payments to third parties in Korea

South Korea has become the first country to implement a new law banning Apple and Google from blocking app developers from accepting third-party payment systems. Since then, other countries, including the United States, have followed suit.

However, while Apple is still fighting change in the US, the company has given up and confirmed that it will abide by the new rules set by the Korean Communications Commission (KCC).

“We look forward to working with KCC and our developer community on a solution that benefits our Korean customers,” Apple said. The Korea Herald.

“Apple has great respect for Korean law and a strong history of working with talented application developers in the country. Our work will always be guided by the App Store as a safe and reliable place for our users. ”

Apple will take the cut though

There is a catch. Although Apple will not be able to justify its usual 15-30% reduction (depending on the size of the developer) on payments through the App Store, it plans to take a “reduced service fee” according to the report.

It is not yet clear how much the reduction will be, nor how the company intends to look for it. Google, which promised to follow South Korea’s new rules in November, also confirmed it would charge for the service.

Apple is likely to continue to fight third-party payment systems in other countries. But his decision to withdraw to Korea could suggest he is more willing to consider third-party payment systems elsewhere in the future.

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