Apple is fighting the suppression of Apple TV + online content piracy

Internet piracy seems to be linked to the growing popularity of Apple TV + despite Apple’s deliberate efforts to remove pirated content.

Piracy is mainly encouraged by torrent sites. A report in August found that the top five pirated websites collected $ 18.3 million in ad revenue. According to the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE), more than 80 percent of piracy is downloadable content, costing companies about $ 71 billion each year. All this is despite the active suppression of Google and ISPs on such websites. Websites remain accessible because operators regularly switch to domains and create proxies.

Apple has fallen victim to this billion-dollar illegal industry since the launch of Apple TV + in November 2019. MacRumors they found that the most popular Apple shows and movies have at least 2,000 active seeders, which in some cases goes up to 125,000 seeders per title. “Ted Lasso”, “The Morning Show” and “SEE” are reportedly the most downloaded. This growth has multiplied because Apple’s privacy statement does not cover its entertainment content. Instead, its terms of service match.

Apple has joined Netflix and Amazon Prime Video in partnership with several companies specializing in digital copyright protection. These partners issue DMCA orders to remove pirated content found online. One such well-known Apple partner called Corsearch has placed 320,000+ such orders with Google. However, DMCA commands only prevent Google from indexing and displaying websites that contain pirated content. Content continues to live online and thanks to piracy domain leaps it soon becomes available at other URLs.

Apple could directly issue a DMCA order to remove the host of pirated content. However, this opens up another proverbial can of worms because most pirated websites do not contain Apple TV + content itself, but host seed links on a peer-to-peer torrent network. There are several thousand seeds that contain the contents. MacRumors they found that most such link collection websites are hosted on Cloudflare, a popular content delivery network (CDN). Cloudflare’s policy states that it cannot directly remove websites, but may redirect copyright infringement cases to the owner of the pirated website. This proved to be another dead end for Apple.

However, not everything seems to be lost. The DMCA orders executed showed that Apple prefers smaller pirated websites that rarely host pirated Apple TV + content. 91.2 percent of these DMCA removal orders are executed. Until Apple moves to bigger pirated websites and as long as more players are fighting for market share in the video transmission industry, the problem will only get worse. The iPhone maker declined to comment on the issue.

Let us know in the comments below what the root cause of piracy is and why Apple is such a popular victim. We can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

[Via MacRumors]

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