Apple is delaying the iOS 15 feature that allows you to add a driver’s license to Wallet

Apple said the iOS 15 feature that allows you to add a driver’s license or state ID to Wallet has been delayed until early 2022.
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Apple said on its website that iOS 15 and watchOS 8 are planned to allow users to add a driver’s license or state ID to the iPhone and Apple Watch in participating U.S. states delayed until early 2022. Earlier, the technology giant from Cupertino was determined to launch at the end of 2021.

Apple said in September that Arizona and Georgia would be among the first states to introduce this feature to residents. Connecticut, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Oklahoma and Utah will add this feature later.

Apple has also indicated that it is in talks with many other U.S. states, probably including Florida, because it is working to offer this feature across the country.

Adding driver’s licenses to Wallet: no release date set yet

This feature is not enabled in the latest version of iOS 15.2 beta. Apple did not specify a specific release date for the functionality, except for the beginning of 2022.

Apple said the first places users will receive a digital ID in the Wallet app are selected TSA security checkpoints at select U.S. airports.

Once the feature is set, users will tap the plus sign at the top of the Wallet app to start adding a driver’s license or state ID to the app. Then they simply tap their iPhone or Apple Watch on the identity reader to present their ID to the TSA. That way, there is no need to take out a physical card or give anyone your personal device.

They hold their personal device in their hand

After tapping the device on the identity reader, users will see a prompt on their device that displays the specific information that the TSA is looking for. They can then authorize the publication of the requested information via Face ID or Touch ID. At no point do they have to unlock, show or hand over their device to a TSA security officer to show their ID, Apple said.

Apple pointed out the protection of privacy and security of this function. When a user adds an ID to the Wallet app, they must take a photo of their face. The photograph is then safely sent to the issuing state for verification. Apple said the adjustment process will encourage users to photograph a series of facial and head movements to make sure they are recognized.

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