Apple is considering future AirPods that track temperature, posture and hearing

Apple seems to be looking for new ways to expand its healthcare features. This time it is focusing on its popular AirPode, according to a new report. In the future, in addition to filling your head with tunes and podcasts, headphones can measure your temperature, monitor your posture and improve your hearing.

The news comes on the eve of a possible new AirPods 3 release, which is expected as part of Apple’s “Unleashed” event scheduled for October 18. But the new health elements listed in the report are far from production. There will soon be no Apple headset feature.

And the new report, in Wall Street Journal, pointed out the uncertainty as to whether the hearing enhancement function differs from the current AirPods Conversation Boost function. This feature amplifies the voice of the person talking to the AirPods user.

Future AirPods with health features: timeline unknown

Health features “are not expected until next year and may never be presented to consumers or the weather could change,” it said. WSJ he said.

This could mean that Apple’s research effort is just that – not a set of features planned to be produced within a year or two.

If and when AirPods acquire a health tracking feature, it goes in line with Apple’s ongoing efforts to develop health and fitness apps.

Most of the development is focused on the Apple Watch, which can currently measure blood oxygen, sleep data and physical activity levels. According to reports, the wearable device can add blood pressure, temperature and blood sugar, as well as a deeper sleep analysis.

Several details are known

The WSJ the report lacks much detail about the new health functions and how to implement them.

Products already exist for reading temperature from the ear and using digital sensors to monitor posture. It shouldn’t take a big leap to add features to AirPods. Apple has already shown interest in AirPods helping people with hearing impairments. But devices for that purpose lack FDA approval (so far).

Forecasts for the development of health characteristics are usually uncertain because it is difficult to meet medical regulatory standards. As a result, companies like Apple have delays in introducing health features into products.

This came with the ability of Apple Watch 7 to read the user’s temperature. Apparently in the works, as The Verge reported but did not appear in Apple Watch 7 specifications when Apple announced new wearable equipment in September.

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