Apple is asking for great damage from Samsung

November 13, 2013: Apple and Samsung are returning to court to determine how much the Korean company has to pay to copy the iPhone.

Cupertino is seeking $ 379 million in damages from Samsung for stealing key iPhone technical and design features. Apple comes up with that number based on lost profits, royalties and $ 3.5 billion worth of infringing devices that Samsung sold during that period.

Let the battle begin!

Apple’s war with Samsung officially began in August 2010, when Apple leaders visited Samsung’s headquarters in Seoul, South Korea, and gave a presentation entitled “Samsung’s use of Apple patents in smartphones.” The launch of Samsung’s Galaxy S smartphone, which “borrowed” much of its look and feel from the iPhone, triggered an intervention.

The most obvious patented technology taken from the iPhone included features such as “zoom pinch” and “rubberize”, which caused the screen to bounce slightly when users tried to scroll across the bottom of the page.

Things moved quickly after a meeting in August 2010 and soon the two companies ended up in court. By July 2012, Apple and Samsung had faced more than 50 lawsuits worldwide.

Samsung used its usual tactics. He filed constant counterclaims, hoping to delay the final outcome while buying time to build his own brands. While Samsung received verdicts in South Korea, Japan and the United Kingdom, Apple received a verdict of 1.05 billion dollars in the United States. But the following March, U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh reduced $ 450 million from the $ 1 billion awarded to Apple after deciding the jury had miscalculated the damages.

The lawsuit from November 2013 aimed to determine the exact amount of damage. Apple demanded $ 379 million, while Samsung said it owed only $ 52 million.

Is Apple’s battle against Samsung over?

Today, it seems that the legal war between Apple and Samsung is finally over. After leading each other for more than seven years in court, the two sides finally agreed on a settlement in January 2018. It is not entirely clear how much Samsung had to pay Apple. However, the settlement meant the end of all remaining claims and counterclaims.

The two continue to compete in the smartphone market. And Samsung continues to shoot Apple in its advertising.

Who do you think is now winning the battle of smartphones between Samsung and Apple? Let us know in the comments below.

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