Apple is adding its AA battery charger and third-generation Apple TV to the list of vintage products

Apple today notified Apple’s authorized service providers that it will add a third-generation Apple TV and its AA battery charger to its list of old products on Oct. 31, according to a note obtained by MacRumors.

The third generation of Apple TV was released in March 2012, and many third-party applications have already discontinued support for the device. The third generation model is also the last Apple TV that does not run tvOS, so it lacks access to the App Store.

Introduced in July 2010, Apple’s battery charger cost $ 29 and included six rechargeable AA batteries for use with the original Apple Wireless Keyboard, Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse for Mac. Apple discontinued the charger around 2016, and Magic accessories now have built-in batteries that can be recharged via Lightning.

Previously, antique Apple products were no longer eligible for repairs at Genius Bar or Apple’s authorized service providers, but Apple now provides services up to seven years old for old products, depending on parts availability.

The original Apple Watch was added to Apple’s list of vintage products last week.

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