Apple invites some developers to try Swift Playgrounds 4 before launch

Apple is working on an updated version of its Swift Playgrounds app, which is an educational tool designed to teach children and adults how to use the Swift programming language, which was first launched in 2016.

The new version of Swift Playgrounds was first announced at the June World Developers Conference, and now Apple is allowing some developers to test it in beta capacity before launch.

The developers who were invited had to sign a non-disclosure agreement to gain access, but one developer shared screenshots and details with 9to5Mac, giving us a quick look inside the app.

fast playgrounds 1

With Swift Playgrounds 4, developers will be able to send their software-designed projects directly to the App Store, allowing them to create apps on the iPad. There will be a simple, easy-to-use interface for sending apps to the ppApp Store‌ Connect without the need for Xcode on the Mac.

The app will allow these learning codes to view and see changes in real time as you type, as described by 9to5Mac:

Swift Playgrounds 4 also allows users to view and see changes in real time as they type. Live editing also works when a developer shares a project with someone else via iCloud Drive, so multiple people can work on the same project at the same time. Users can even test the app in full screen, explore SwiftUI controls, search all files in the project, use quick inline code suggestions, and easily switch between Swift Playgrounds and Xcode (or vice versa).

There are also quick access options for setting application parameters and setting the application to the store with little hassle. Application creators can, for example, use a ready-made icon by selecting a color and icon or by setting a custom icon that automatically resizes.

fast playgrounds 2

Currently, some of the features of Swift Playgrounds 4 require iPadOS 15.2, so there is a possibility that we could see that Swift Playgrounds 4 will be released as soon as iPadOS 15.2 is launched. There’s still no word on when we can expect the iPadOS 15.2, but Apple will likely unveil it before the end of the year.

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