Apple introduces Swift Playgrounds 4, allowing you to create apps on your iPad

Download the update and start building today.
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Swift Playgrounds 4, the latest version of Apple’s official iPad development app, is now available in the App Store. The update allows you to create iOS and iPadOS apps for the first time using only your iPad.

When you’re done, you can upload directly to the App Store. And if you also use a Mac, it’s now easy to transfer projects back and forth between Swift Playgrounds and Xcode using App Projects.

Swift Playgrounds 4 comes on the iPad

Swift Playgrounds started out as a somewhat simple iPad tool designed to teach users the Swift programming language. But since its introduction in 2016, it has continued to evolve into something much bigger.

With Swift Playgrounds 4 – the biggest update Apple has introduced so far – you can now build complete iOS and iPadOS apps from scratch and upload them directly to the App Store, directly from your iPad.

The update also adds App Preview, which shows you live updates as you make changes to your app, and App Projects to easily move your versions between Swift Playgrounds on your iPad and Xcode on your Mac.

Other changes and improvements include:

  • Smart, built-in code suggestions help you write code quickly and accurately.
  • A project-wide search finds results in multiple files.
  • The clip library provides hundreds of SwiftUI controls, symbols and colors.
  • Swift package support allows you to include publicly available code to enhance your applications.

‘Incredibly fast and sensitive’

Swift Playgrounds 4 is already well received by application developers. Steve Troughton-Smith called it “The big thing” that dramatically reshapes what the iPad is capable of even in this first offering.

The new editor is “incredibly fast and responsive” and now feels more like a real development app and “less like a toy,” Troughton-Smith added. “I have the real structure of an iOS project and I can make and run real apps – much better.”

said Paul Hudson Swift Playgrounds 4 is a “matter of beauty”. He praised his “incredible speed, brilliant code completion and many tweaks and enhancements that make making SwiftUI apps a pleasure.”

Swift Playgrounds 4 is completely free to download and use on iPad and Mac, and can now be found in the App Store.

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