Apple gives customers a second chance to buy AppleCare + after their iPhone or Mac is repaired

Apple is now giving customers who have faced an expensive repair of an iPhone or Mac out of pocket a second chance to buy AppleCare + cover for the device, although there are some policy provisions.

In an internal letter this week, procured by MacRumors, Apple said customers who repaired an iPhone or Mac at the Apple Store or Apple Authorized Repairer are now eligible to purchase an AppleCare + for the device, as long as the device is purchased less than a year ago and passes physically inspection and diagnosis after repair.

For customers who aren’t sure if their iPhone has been repaired by an Apple Authorized Repairer, iOS 15.2 introduces a new “Parts and Service History” in Settings> General> About that shows whether components like the battery and screen are genuine Apple parts. The software update is expected to be released as early as next week.

Customers are still required to pay Apple’s full out-of-warranty fees for all repairs made prior to purchasing AppleCare + device cover.

Scenario example: A customer named John buys a new iPhone, but decides not to pay for AppleCare + coverage for the device. A few months later, John drops the iPhone and the screen cracks. John is carrying his iPhone to the Apple Store for repairs and is facing expensive out-of-warranty service fees because he decided not to buy AppleCare +. Since the iPhone is less than a year old, John is advised that he can still buy an AppleCare + for the device to subsequently repairs are not that expensive.

The policy is in effect at Apple Store locations and authorized Apple service providers in all countries and regions where AppleCare + is available.

This expanded AppleCare + eligibility for repaired iPhones and Macs should further boost revenue from Apple’s services, which reached a record $ 18.27 billion in the last quarter.

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