Apple experienced a $ 6 billion supply limit in the fourth quarter of 2021

Earlier today, Apple organized its earnings call for the fourth quarter of 2021. During the conversation, Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed that the company, along with almost every company in the world, failed to avoid supply restrictions.

In response to a question from Shannon Cross of Cross Research, Cook revealed that the company experienced a $ 6 billion supply limit in the fourth quarter of 2021. According to Cook, the restrictions affected iPhone, iPad and Mac production.

If you look at Q4 for a moment, we had about $ 6 billion in supply constraints, and that affected the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. We had – there were two reasons for them for Q4. One was the chip shortage that you heard a lot about from various companies in the industry. And the other was a production shutdown in Southeast Asia linked to COVID. The second of them, disorders due to COVID, significantly improved during October to the place where we are at the moment. And so for this quarter, we think the primary cause of the shortage in the supply chain will be a lack of chips.

It will affect – it would affect, I would say, most of our products right now. But from the point of view of demand, demand is very strong. And part of this is that demand is also very strong. But we believe that by the end of the quarter the limits will be higher than the $ 6 billion we experienced in Q4.

You can read about Apple’s fourth-quarter earnings in our report here.

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