Apple executives are excited about the ability to edit M1 Max MacBook Pro videos

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The M1 Max is a chip that changes the game for video editing and heavy-duty graphics, Apple executives said in a podcast about the new MacBook Pro models, with a premium chip capable of some video production features that some Mac Pro variants can’t. match.

Apple’s 14-inch MacBook Pro and 16-inch MacBook Pro include some significant processing capabilities, in the form of M1 Pro and M1 Max chips. In the interview, Pro Mac product line manager Shruti Haldea along with Luke Tristram talked about the chips and various benefits that have been introduced with the new notebooks.

For the M1 Max, Haldea says it has a memory bandwidth of 400 GB / s that “pretty much changes the game” along with a configurable 64 gigabytes of unified memory, according to the “Same Brain” podcast. The level is such that while you can play 8K video on the M1 MacBook Pro and 4K video editing on the MacBook Air, there’s more that can be done on a higher part of the product range.

“One thing that’s true about this architecture is that it delivers outstanding performance, so there are cases where the M1 Max chip surpasses what the Mac Pro can do,” Haldea offers.

“One example of this is, thanks to the ProRes accelerators built into Media Engine, the M1 Max has two of these engines for hardware-accelerated encoding and decoding, so you can run seven 8K ProRes streams in the Final Cut Pro on a 16-inch MacBook Pro-u with M1 Max. That’s more streams than a 28-core Mac Pro with an Afterburner card, so you literally outperform the workstation. “

While the number of streams is important, Tristram adds that export speed is another advantage for video editors. “You will simply be able to render and export your projects much faster. It’s one of those moments when you just, I mean, especially to some who love video, just take a deep breath, it’s so exciting. “

The long interview also covers areas including editing in Final Cut Pro, notebook cooling capabilities under load, new ports, and battery life.

It also goes into the rationale behind including the notch. Although the notch is visibly etched into the desktop at the top, Apple doesn’t think it’s a problem due to the screen resizing.

“What we did was we actually raised the display,” Haldea said. After increasing the screen size to 16.2 inches from 16, the active area on the diagonal for the part below the notch is still 16 inches.

“We just enlarged the screen from there and set the menu bar up,” she explains. “We just moved it a little bit and got it out of the way.”

Moreover, while in full screen mode, Haldea adds that users still have a 16:10 game window.

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