Apple Exec talks in detail about data minimization and more to celebrate Data Privacy Day

Today marks Data Privacy Day in many countries around the world, with the aim of raising awareness and promoting privacy and best data protection practices. In honor of Data Privacy Day, Apple’s head of consumer privacy, Erik Neuenschwander, joined Rene Ritchie in an interview that deals with Apple’s own privacy beliefs.

In an interview, Neuenschwander explained that one of the key focuses for Apple is to ensure that new features and products are designed with privacy in mind from the outset.

It is very important that we are engaged and help identify problems and talk about where we really see the risks of the data, or where we see the increased sensitivity around attacks that can be mounted on the data. But at the same time, it is a partnership with teams because they come with whom they want their expertise in the domain to take over their function in the future.

This leads to significantly improved and richer functionality for users. And what we bring with them is consideration of how we can take advantage of the increasing use of privacy technologies and the increasing power of our devices to enhance that functionality with a very light touch of user data.

Neuenschwander also talked about data minimization practices, something Apple has adopted in all of its products and services:

Data minimization is when we think about how to stop collecting data at all and collect only what is necessary to provide that product or service. And we really put that first in the design of the feature we’re looking at, because if you just avoid collecting data in advance, then it’s a great way to respect a user’s privacy by leaving them in control of their data.

The way we do it is through device intelligence, and we’ve actually even improved our hardware over the years, and made changes to our device hardware that allows us to do more of that processing, to give users a great experience on their device, by processing data on their device.

The whole interview is worth watching and you can find it below.

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