Apple Event: ‘Peek performance’ tagline and artwork

Apple has officially announced its first event of 2022, sending invites to a March 8 virtual event. As is always the case, people are already speculating as to what the invite design and tagline could mean for the announcements Apple has planned for this event…

Apple Event: ‘Peek performance’

The March 8 event invite features the tagline “Peek performance.” No, that’s not a typo: instead of “peak performance,” which would mean something along the lines of “max performance,” Apple is opting for “peek performance.” This seemsingly means that we’ll get a “quick or furtive” look at some sort of performance technology.

The obvious connection here is that “peek performance” is referring in one way or another to 5G connectivity. During the March 8 event, Apple is expected to announce a new iPhone SE and iPad Air, both of which are expected to feature 5G connectivity. Apple used a similar “Hi, Speed” tagline when it announced the iPhone 12 lineup – the first iPhones to support 5G.

Apple is also rumored to be planning an array of new Macs with Apple Silicon chips on the inside, two of which could be announced as soon as this March 8 event. While details here are a bit unclear still, Apple is working on a new M2 MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, as well as an ultra-powerful Mac Pro and iMac Pro, and a more powerful version of the Mac mini.

The “Peek performance” tagline could be referring to the possibility that Apple provides a teaser look (“peek”) at one of the new ultra-powerful Mac Pro or iMac Pro models, even if they aren’t yet ready to be shipped.

Then, there’s the AR / VR elephant in the room. “Peek” in this context could be viewed as a reference to Apple’s rumored mixed reality headset, but unless Apple has a major surprise in store, this seems unlikely. The latest reports indicate Apple Headset won’t ship until the end of this year at the earliest. Furthermore, any sort of teaser / preview would likely happen at the developer-focused WWDC, because Apple needs developers to adopt its realityOS platform in order for the headset to be a success.

In terms of the invite’s design, this one is a bit more mysterious than usual. I haven’t yet seen any good guesses as to what the colorful graphic design could represent. There are some obvious guesses, such as new colors for the iPhone lineup or iPad lineup, but other than that, things are mysterious. We did put the design on a t-shirt, though.

Do you have any wild guesses on what Apple’s “Peek performance” event invite could mean for the March 8 event? Let us know in the comments!

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