Apple could be forced to return VR / AR headphones by 2023

One of the most eagerly awaited products in 2022 could be delayed until 2023, according to an unconfirmed report. Apple’s VR / AR headphones may not be released until the end of this year and will not be delivered until next year.

Mechanical and software problems have reportedly delayed the device, which will reportedly offer both virtual and augmented reality capabilities.

Apple VR / AR headphones arrive kraju at the end

Numerous unconfirmed reports suggest that Apple is working on VR / AR headphones, with development reportedly in 2015. The product was expected to debut in 2022, with a presentation at this year’s World Developer Conference and release later this year.

But now Bloomberg reports, “Apple Inc. is considering postponing the debut of its mixed-reality headphones for at least a few months. ” The product has problems with “overheating, cameras and software”.

According to the updated schedule, the device will be introduced at the end of the year and reach customers in 2023. “Apple plans to focus its developer conference in 2023 on building virtual and augmented reality applications for the device, which will have an App Store,” according to Bloomberg.

If that’s true, it wouldn’t be fair to call the device “late” because Apple never said it would arrive in 2022. In fact, Cupertino never confirmed that it works on VR / AR headphones at all.

A springboard to Apple’s next breakthrough product

According to multiple information, the first Apple VR / AR headphones will benefit from a top set of features. Tipsters say it will have three high-resolution displays and will be powered by a chip equal to the Apple M1 in processing performance. Many types of sensors will detect the environment and movements of the wearer’s body. And all this will enter the device without as much size as its rivals.

The headphones will reportedly offer virtual reality i augmented reality. AR overlaps computer-generated images or text with the real world. It is different from virtual reality, which completely replaces the real world.

Its set of top features will reportedly give it an equally top price. But Apple is aware that this will be a niche product – it expects to sell 7 and 10 million in the first year, according to Bloomberg. But it’s just a stepping stone.

The company reportedly plans to introduce AR glasses after VR headphones – probably years later. And Apple sees the augmented reality device as more important and one that could become the company’s next big product.

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