Apple continues to test multiple collapsible iPhone prototypes

Prototypes of collapsible iPhones are being tested – probably in a strictly confidential Apple laboratory under a dormant volcano on a mysterious island.
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Work on the flip iPhone is reportedly continuing. Apple is secretly testing “multiple prototypes that contain collapsible screens,” according to a trusted tipster.

But the company is also closely monitoring whether foldable phones will prove to be a fashion trend without retaining power.

The foldable iPhone is still in testing

The word that the iPhone manufacturer continues to work on the flip phone comes from Dylandkt. Their advice is coming thread on Twitter.

1/3 For those curious about the foldable iPhone, Apple is definitely working on and testing more prototypes that contain collapsible screens. However, there are still too many trade-offs with folding screen technology.

According to this source, research is continuing, but the product for delivery is still a long time in the future because “there are still too many compromises with folding screen technology”.

And Apple doesn’t want to copy Android device makers that have released collapsible devices that are a little better than prototypes. He wants to get a real collapsible iPhone. “Apple wants to make sure the design isn’t a setback compared to the current iPhone shape factor,” Dylandkt said.

Another reason for the delay is that Apple is cautious about the whole idea. As the tipster said, “There are also concerns about whether foldable smartphones will still have a place in the market or become obsolete.”

Dylandkt is a bit mysterious, but has had solid leaks in the past. They have an accuracy rate of 77.5% according to AppleTrack.

Other sources agree that Apple continues to research folding screens. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo even mentioned the possibility of assembling the iPhone in 2023, but only “if Apple can solve the key technology and problems of mass production of a collapsible mobile device.”

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