Apple Collector shares images of prototype transparent AirPods headphones and a 29W power adapter

A collector of rare Apple devices Giulio Zompetti posted on Twitter images of transparent prototype AirPods headphones reminiscent of the Nothing ear (1) and Apple’s 29 W power adapter. This is the first time such a recent Apple device has been seen dressed in clear plastic.

The prototypes in the picture or AirPods seem to be first or second generation with a transparent plastic housing for the handle and the outside of the headphones. There is plain white plastic on the inside of the headphones. Although fascinating, this is not an uncommon occurrence because transparent housings help engineers see directly into prototypes.

Apple has been using transparent prototype housings since the time of the Macintosh Classic. Over the years, such unusual prototypes for the Macintosh Portable and Newton have appeared.

Last week, Zompetti also shared images of a 29-watt Apple filling brick prototype with a transparent casing. The adapter came with the 12-inch MacBook, but was discontinued in 2018 with a laptop and replaced with a 30W adapter.

In addition, Zompetti’s account is an exciting repository of similar device prototypes. He previously shared images of a prototype Apple Watch Series 3 with additional connectors, a prototype iPhone 12 Pro, a third-generation iPod touch with a rear camera, rare original Apple Watch prototypes and, most importantly, a working AirPower prototype.

Wouldn’t it be great if Apple made transparent AirPods and other accessories for their devices?

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