Apple CEO Tim Cook: We are focused on maintaining the privacy and security of the App Store

Apple CEO Tim Cook was asked today about some of the regulatory issues Apple faces with the App Store and said Apple maintains a focus on privacy and security. Apple is facing potential regulatory changes that would force it to open the iPhone to other app stores or alternative ways to load apps on the iPhone.

The main thing we are focused on in the App Store is to keep the focus on privacy and security. These are the two main principles that have created a highly trusted environment in which consumers and developers come together. Consumers can trust developers, and apps are the ones they say they are. Developers get a huge audience to sell their software.

It is somehow number one on our list. Everything else is a distant second. What we do is explain the decisions we have made that are key to maintaining our privacy and security. No side-loading and alternative modes on the iPhone where we open the iPhone for unseen apps that go through the privacy restrictions we set on the App Store.

Cook further said that Apple is “very focused on the privacy and security discussions of the App Store with regulators and legislators.”

Apple recently largely won its antitrust lawsuit with Epic Games, with a judge in the case ruling that Apple has no monopoly. Apple, however, was told to allow developers to put links to external websites and alternative payment options in their apps.

Apple was given a deadline in December to make this change, but Apple appealed for more time and asked to avoid the changes until the whole case is over.

Back in June, U.S. lawmakers introduced antitrust laws that would require Apple to make major changes to the App Store, which Apple will no doubt fight.

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