Apple CEO Tim Cook in New York at a meeting with EU competition chief Margrethe Vestager

Apple CEO Tim Cook is in New York today for a meeting with Margrethe Vestager, the European Commissioner for Competition, according to a person familiar with the matter. Vestager was the keynote speaker at Fordham University’s annual conference on international antitrust law and policy earlier today.

It is not clear when Cook and Vestager are scheduled to meet or what topics will be on the agenda. In April, the European Commission notified Apple of its preliminary position that it had abused its dominant position in distributing music streaming apps through the App Store by charging high commissions to Apple Music rivals like Spotify, which filed a lawsuit against Apple by the European Commission 2019.

While in New York City, Cook stopped by Apple’s retail store in the SoHo neighborhood this morning, sharing a photo of his visit on Twitter. Cook also posted a photo of his visit to the International Center of Photography on Twitter.

After traveling to New York, Cook is reportedly scheduled to speak at the Silicon Slopes Summit in Salt Lake City, Utah, on Oct. 13, and will lead a fundraising dinner the same day. In late August, Cook turned 10 as Apple’s CEO.

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