Apple Card 6% daily cash listing for Apple purchases were wrong, but Apple respects them

Yesterday, a number of Apple card users saw a mention of 6% of the daily money appearing alongside some recent Apple purchases, leading to some confusion about whether Apple is launching a special promotion to double the usual 3% refund program.

Not all purchases showed up with a 6% bonus, as some users only saw the standard 3%, and Apple Card support representatives indicated that the 6% mentioned was wrong.

Apple has confirmed that this was indeed a mistake, but the company will honor the offer for customers who managed to buy and see 6% of the listing, as the company sends emails to affected customers to inform them that they will receive 3% of standard daily cash for their purchases, as well as a one-time loan for an additional 3% of daily cash.

An important message about your account.

You may have noticed that a recent Apple purchase was eligible for 6% Daily Cash instead of the standard 3% Daily Cash.

This was a bug due to a system problem; however, in addition to the 3% of the daily cash you have already received for this purchase, we will give you a one-time loan for an additional 3% of the daily cash refund – a total of 6% of the daily cash for this purchase.

You’ll see the one-time credit appear as a balance adjustment in the Wallet app. This will also appear on your monthly statement for October.

Apple emphasizes that this is a one-time loan and that all future purchases at Apple will only qualify for the standard 3% of daily money.

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