Apple AR headphones are ‘approaching take-off’ as the development period before the launch of the Apple Watch

According to Morgan Stanley analysts, Apple’s development of the augmented reality (AR) headphones, which has been talked about, is beginning to reflect the period before the launch of the Apple Watch.

In a note to investors, seen from Investor’s Business Daily, Morgan Stanley analysts explained that after years of construction expertise and numerous failures, Apple ‘s long – awaited AR headphones are “approaching takeoff”. This is evidenced by the fact that Apple’s AR project reportedly began to match the development of the Apple Watch before its release in late 2014.

The company has published a huge number of patents related to augmented reality and virtual reality, including hardware, input mechanisms and user interfaces. Now, “Apple’s patent portfolio is beginning to reflect the period before the launch of the Watch.”

Prior to the introduction of the Apple Watch in 2014, Apple had extensively patented the technology behind the device, including iPhone connectivity and sensors, pedometer and step detection functionality, low-power Bluetooth, and more. While MacRumors has covered many Apple patents over the decade, and there has been a recent increase in patent applications for head-mounted displays.

For example, today, Apple is granted a patent for wrist-based devices, such as the Apple Watch, “to produce a virtual representation of hands or otherwise be used to receive and interpret gestures as user input” on a screen placed on the head.

Morgan Stanley pointed out that although Apple has faced difficulties in developing its AR technology, the project is constantly approaching launch:

The enormity of the technical challenge – compressing an all-day battery, 5G, computers, cameras, lidars, projectors and waveguide lenses into lightweight, attractive glasses – is hard to overestimate, but we’re getting close to taking off.

The note adds that “Apple’s entry into the eyewear market will change the game for all participants as the technology normalizes and popularizes.”

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes that Apple’s “mixed reality” headphones will be launched in late 2022 to early 2023, with a special device for smart glasses between 2023 and 2025.

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