Apple AR glasses offer an advanced user interface for hand movements and object detection

Apple’s long-rumored AR headphones are predicted to include more highly sensitive 3D sensor modules to offer an innovative user interface for hand and object detection, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said in a new research note he collected MacRumors.

We anticipate that the structured light of AR / MR headphones can detect not only a change in the position of the user’s hand and objects or other people in front of the user’s eyes, but also a dynamic change of hand detail (just like Face ID on iPhone / structured light / Animoji can detect the user’s dynamic expression) . Capturing hand movement details can provide a more intuitive and vivid human-machine user interface (for example, detecting a user’s hand from clenched fist to opening and balloon [image] in the hand of the fly).

Kuo describes the ability of the headphones to detect both hand movements and movements to provide the user with an impressive experience in which the user could open his hand to release a virtual balloon.

To achieve this impressive feat, Apple is expected to install four sets of 3D sensors that are of higher quality and specification than current iPhones. Kuo sees the quality of this human-machine user interface as the key to Apple’s upcoming AR headset success. According to Kuo, these interface features include motion control, object detection, as well as eye tracking, iris recognition, voice control, skin detection, expression detection, and spatial detection.

Earlier this year, Patently Apple pointed to a patent application from Apple that describes the same concept in detail.

Different movements and microgest locations and different movement parameters are used to determine operations performed in a three-dimensional environment. The use of micro-gesture recording cameras to interact with the three-dimensional environment allows the user to move freely around the physical environment without the burden of physical input equipment, allowing the user to explore the three-dimensional environment more naturally and efficiently.

This patient is called “Devices, methods and graphical user interfaces for interacting with a three-dimensional environment”.

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