Apple announces the winners of the App Store 2021, an upgrade program for Mac, more

In case you missed the events and exciting news from the world of Apple this week, check out this overview of the main stories, so you’re all caught up in everything Apple is.

This week, we saw Apple award the App Store for the best app of the year. The iPhone maker has also released a list of the most downloaded paid and free apps on iPhone and iPad platforms. The company has also announced a new upgrade program for Macs for small businesses. Meanwhile, an Italian collector caught a rare prototype of transparent AirPods headphones and posted cool pictures on Twitter. This week, rumors of a supply chain suggested that Apple’s M3 chip could be based on TSMC’s 3nm process.

As the year draws to a close this week, Apple has unveiled the winners of its App Store awards for 2021. Toca Life World was the iPhone app of the year. The iPad app of the year went to LumaFusion, a video editor. The note editing app called Craft was named Mac app of the year. See our announcement for a complete list of winners. Continuing the tradition from last year, the winners will receive a plaque made of recycled aluminum.

In addition, Apple has shared a list of the most downloaded free and paid iPhone and iPad apps in the United States. TikTok was the most downloaded free iPhone app, followed by YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Messenger, respectively. Procreate Pocket was the most downloaded paid app for the iPhone, and Procreate was the most downloaded in the same category for the iPad. Here is a list of the top 10 apps for each category.

A connoisseur of rare Apple devices, Giulio Zompetti, released photos of rare AirPods prototypes and 29W Apple chargers this week. The inside of the headphones was still made of white plastic.

The collector also showed a prototype of a 29W charger in clear plastic. The brick came with a 12-inch MacBook, but was discontinued in 2018 along with the notebook. Transparent housings help development engineers see the inside of the product without disassembling them, and Zompetti is collecting several such amazing prototypes.

Transparent AirPods prototype

This week, Apple also announced a new Mac Upgrade Program so small businesses can equip their employees with Macs for just $ 30 a month. Companies can deploy 13-inch MacBook Pro / Air and 14/16-inch MacBook Pro employees with the program. The program was launched in collaboration with CIT as a financial partner.

This is somewhat similar to the iPhone Upgrade program. Businesses can join the program with Apple’s approval, and even upgrade to a new Mac if it launches within three months. For now, the upgrade program is only available in the U.S. Details on the availability of the program in other markets are uncertain for now.

MacBook half closed

This week, supply chain rumors claimed that Taiwanese chipmaker TSMC has begun trial production of Apple’s M3 chip, which will be released in 2023. Rumors have suggested that the chips could be based on a 3nm process node, allowing up to 40 CPU cores to be used. to design. For context, Appleā€™s latest and best M1 Max and M1 Pro chips based on the 5nm process have 10-core CPUs.

A separate report claims that Intel executives are preparing to visit TSMC’s plant to finalize orders for 3nm chips to be used in GPUs and data centers. Intel could use 3nm chips for its Meteor Lake processors and keep up with Apple. Currently, Intel’s chips can barely keep up with Apple’s M1 chips, and at a high cost of energy efficiency. Apple is expected to give preference to 3nm chips, former TSMC engineers reportedly said.

Apple M3 chip

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