Apple, Amazon and others support groups trying to kill U.S. climate legislation

Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and Disney are among the big companies supporting corporate lobby groups and organizations fighting U.S. climate law, the report said. This is despite the fact that these companies are committed to reducing their environmental impact.

The United States Chamber of Commerce, the Business Roundtable and the Coalition Rate are three lobbying and business groups opposing the Democrats ’$ 3.5 trillion budget proposal, which includes measures to combat climate change. The Guardian reports that the Supervisory Board of Accountable.US analyzed the groups to find out which companies have ties to them.

The Chamber of Commerce, the largest lobby group in the United States, said it would “do everything in our power to prevent this reconciliation law that raises taxes and kills jobs from becoming law.” The group’s board includes executives from United Airlines and Microsoft.

The management of the Business Roundtable includes Apple CEO Tim Cook, Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai, and Amazon CEO Andy Jassy. The group said it was “deeply concerned” about the law and the increased taxes it would bring to the rich. Google has also made political contributions in the past to individuals and organizations that have denied climate change.

The report notes that The Rate Coalition has been set up to publish offensive ads against the law. The members of that body are Disney and Verizon (former parent company of Engadget).

The support of lobby groups trying to kill the bill is in conflict with the attempts of technology companies to cope with the climate crisis. Apple, Google and Microsoft supported the Paris Agreement, on the one hand. Apple and Microsoft have promised to become carbon neutral and carbon negative by 2030, respectively.

In 2019, Amazon and founder Jeff Bezos launched Climate Pledge, which aims to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2040 and meet the benchmarks of the Paris Agreement ten years earlier. Microsoft is among 200 or more companies that have joined the promise. Meanwhile, Disney is striving to achieve a net zero emission for its direct business by 2030.

Engadget contacted Apple, Google and Microsoft for comment. The Guardian said that none of the companies she contacted rejected the views of the groups of which they are members. None of them said they would re-evaluate their connection to those bodies.

On Friday, Amazon expressed support for the infrastructure and climate aspects of the reconciliation law to return for the better. A spokesman made the following statement to Engadget:

Amazon believes that addressing the global issue of climate change requires the leadership of the private and public sectors. That is why we are actively advocating for policies that promote clean energy, increase access to renewable electricity and decarbonise the transport system. In addition to advocating for these issues locally, nationally and internationally, we also have a global sustainability team that innovates sustainable solutions for both our business and clients, as well as the co-founder of The Climate Pledge – a commitment to be a zero carbon network 10 years before Paris agreement.

Amazon has boldly committed itself to reducing carbon emissions, and we continue to encourage other companies to join us. We support investment in infrastructure and return better accounts for reducing emissions in key sectors such as energy and transportation, and we believe that this investment will help achieve the U.S. carbon reduction targets. As we said earlier this year, we support raising the income tax rate to pay for things like infrastructure and look forward to bringing Congress and the administration together to find the right, balanced solution that maintains or increases U.S. competitiveness.

Update 1/10 12:22 ET: Amazon statement added.

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