Apple aims to reduce the risk of AirTag spying on iOS 15.2 Beta

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Oh, look, my sense of AirTag is tingling. Laugh if you can, but that could actually be a thing in a future version of iOS, and we’d all be safer about it.

People code MacRumors spotted Apple’s version of Spidey sense in the iOS 15.2 beta released Tuesday. This new scanning feature comes in addition to the Find My app and allows users to discover AirTags i other products connected to Apple’s powerful Find My network that may haunt them in real time without their knowledge.

At first glance, the new feature looks very easy to use. According to screenshots posted by MacRumors, you start by opening the Find My app and selecting the “Items” tab he lower menu. This will display a list of all your AirTags and Find My-connected devices. At the bottom of the list, you have an option called “Items that can track me.”

Clicking on this option occurs “Unknown Objects,” which scans any Find My-a connected device that belongs to someone else nearby. MacRumors reports that if Apple finds all unwanted Find My devices involved in the stalking, instructs the user to disable the device and prevent further tracking.

Back when Apple published by AirTags April, we noticed that one of the biggest and most terrible problems with them there was a possibility that they might be exploited by the abuser. AirTags represent a way for abusers to track their victims to a high degree the precise way – the Find My network is connected to hundreds of millions of Apple devices around the world – and the cheap way (one AirTag costs $ 29, four costs $ 99).

The company expected that this could be a problem, and during the launch it said that iPhone users who have unwanted AirTags placed on or near their belongings will receive a warning on their phones. If AirTag stayed with unsuspecting users for more than three days, AirTag would emit a bell. However, at that time, some iPhone users without the latest version of iOS have not been notified to have an AirTag on them.

Meanwhile, Android users haven’t even received notifications. They were stuck with the evil AirTag until three days had passed and they heard the ringing. This meant that if someone tracked you with an AirTag during the day, but the device approached its owner again at night, you would never find out. Creepy.

Apple tried to address the stalking issues around AirTags in the June update. That written off three-day time box and told AirTags they emit sound at some point after being absent from their owners for between eight and 24 hours. The company has also announced that it is working on an app for Android users that will send them alerts about unwanted tracking devices similar to those received by iPhone users. The Android app should be launched later this year.

The new “Unknown Objects” feature is not perfect. This places the burden of scanning unknown devices on the user, although Apple is the entity primarily responsible for letting users know that they are being prosecuted without their knowledge. However, that would be a step in the right direction.

Hopefully, this feature will come out of beta in the next iOS update and, of course, Android users will soon get similar protection measures.

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