Apple aims to make a self-driving car without a steering wheel

Apple reportedly wants to eliminate the steering wheel and pedals from its autonomous vehicle.
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Apple is reportedly committed to making a car capable of fully autonomous driving. The new project manager will not be satisfied with a vehicle with only limited capabilities.

The car may not need a steering wheel or pedals at all. And it could be on its way to 2025.

The new driver of the Apple car puts the pedal on the metal

Kevin Lynch, Apple’s vice president of technology, took over as head of the company’s secret car project in July 2021. And he is the one who decided to focus on a car that can drive completely independently, according to Bloomberg.

Previously, Apple reportedly considered two options. One was a fully autonomous vehicle, while the other option was a car with more limited self-driving capabilities. No more, however – engineers at Project Titan are now concentrating on a car that can drive without human interaction.

No steering wheel required

Apple could reportedly make the interior of its autonomous vehicle look something like a Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle.
Apple could reportedly make the interior of its autonomous vehicle look something like a Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle.
Photo: Canoo

Lynch and his design team would reportedly like to make a car that doesn’t need a steering wheel or pedals. The vehicle would be truly autonomous without a driver, just passengers who can face each other and talk … or mess with their iPhones or iPads. “The car would also be largely integrated with existing Apple services and devices,” they report. Bloombergis Mark Gurman.

But Titan’s engineers are realistic – and aware that manual controls in emergencies might be necessary.

In the fast lane

Today’s report also sheds light on custom Apple Silicon – packed with neural processors to solve complex self-management tasks – which is reportedly already in full swing.

And Lynch is reportedly ambitious to get the vehicle to customers. “Apple is internally aiming to launch its self-driving car in four years, faster than the time frame of five to seven years that some engineers planned earlier this year,” Gurman wrote.

Testing on the road of Apple cars with a new processor could begin soon, the report said.

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