Apple adds more drivers to its autonomous fleet; the number of cars remains 69

After reducing its self-driving fleet in California to 54 in May, Apple has been constantly expanding the number of drivers as the months go by. Now the company has 137 drivers. As he noticed macReports with numbers from the California DMV, Apple is slowly approaching the number of drivers it had last October: 154.

Unfortunately, one number that doesn’t change at all is how many self-driving vehicles the company has. This number is from August to 69.

According to the California DMV, Apple has yet to apply for a driverless license, as there are several manufacturers that have driverless licenses for their fleets.

Since the last report, in which Apple had two more collisions with its autonomous vehicles, it reported another collision. In total, the company now has six collisions.

Although Apple continues to work on its self-driving vehicle technology, it is still unclear when it will be made public as the Apple Car. A few months ago, the company announced that its vice president Doug Field was retiring from the Apple Car project for a new appearance at Ford and that Apple’s Kevin Lynch was taking over Project Titan.

Rumors of the Apple Car also hold a mystery as a sketched report suggested that Apple is now developing its own car to avoid further delays.

In this report, Mail Economic Daily he said Apple has “a hundred vehicle-related engineers” and is choosing finishing parts suppliers for its project.

In August, Korea Times reported that Apple is in talks to develop its electric car with a Korean partner, as the company would not be able to complete its EV business plan without a partnership with a supplier in the country.

For now, it’s still unclear what Apple plans to create with its Apple Car project, whether it’s a retail car, a car-sharing car, or even just technology for other vehicles. Its launch is also unclear, and reports say it could be introduced at any time in this decade.

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