App Store Report a problem Return is back to help fight fraud, with two significant improvements

The App Store Report a Problem link was removed many years ago, but has quietly returned to iOS 15. It seems that it may only be in the US at the moment.

Apple has also made two significant improvements to this feature …

First, it used to be possible to report a problem with an app only if you had already paid for it. This meant that if you spot a scam app, there’s no way to alert Apple without giving your money to scams. You can now report it for free – although you can only report a problem with an app you’ve installed.

Second, there is now a special ‘Scam or Scam’ option. Let’s hope Apple makes that a priority.

The link is not yet available in all countries. This includes the UK, which is one of the first countries to gain access to the new features, so this suggests that it may currently only be in the US.

In addition, the link doesn’t seem to be available for all apps yet, so it may take some time to spread around the store.

The fact that you have to install the app means that you are not free to report fraud apps that have a one-time purchase price without first handing over cash, but only those that buy in the app. In practice, however, most scam apps have app subscriptions.

Kosta Eleftheriou tweeted about it, as it was done Richard Mazkewich.

His tweet suggests that Apple removed this feature to avoid potential liability issues, perhaps fearing that warning of the problem, rather than removing the app immediately, could lead to the company being considered negligent.

There is no explanation as to why Apple has now restored the connection, but it’s not hard to guess. Scam applications have been under increasing control lately, and Eleftheriou plays a small role in that. The developer of FlickType was upset when Apple allowed a fraudster to use his application for the Apple Watch keyboard. The scam charged users $ 8 a week for a non-functional app.

Eleftheriou has since set his mission to draw attention to fraud in the App Store, noting that some have brought in millions of dollars in revenue, using manipulative approaches and false reviews. One example is a children’s game with a hidden casino function.

The Verge notes how previously it was difficult to report fraud.

Until iOS 15, the only way you could find this button was to scroll all the way to the bottom on the Apps or Games tab in the App Store, get to the site where you should sign in again. You can then choose between “Report Suspicious Activity,” “Report a Quality Issue,” “Request a Refund,” or “Find My Content.” None of the options offered a clear way to report fraud, and instead “Report Suspicious Activity” would redirect you to Apple support.

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