Another modified USB-C iPhone goes on sale, and this one is waterproof

First, a robotics engineering student made a sensation late last year by modifying the iPhone X with a USB-C port instead of the Lightning port – and sold the device for big money. Now someone else is advertising a similar modification, but this time the phone boasts a reinforced port that includes waterproofing. And yes, the master will sell it soon – probably for more money than most people earn in a year.

USB-C iPhone: Pillone’s precedent

Back in October 2021, robotics student Ken Pillonel showed off his modified USB-C iPhone X and then sold it on eBay in early November for a staggering $ 86,001.

Now a German mod named Gernot Jöbstl has said he has replaced the iPhone X’s lighting port with a USB-C port in a similar way. Not only that, but it strengthened the port and made it waterproof, he said. And of course, since he will now claim to have the world’s first waterproof USB-C iPhone, he will soon put it up for sale, hoping for an incredible Pillonel-style profit.

Jöbstl shared a video on YouTube showing his waterproof USB-C iPhone X, below. He said that Pillone’s work, which he did, inspired him for the first time. He said that Pillone’s GitHub page helped him create his own version.

New carbon fiber part and super glue

In addition to the waterproofing, Jöbstl noted that he made a new custom-made part of 20% carbon fiber. It certainly supports the USB-C module in the iPhone X, he said.

Jöbstl said he used super glue to insulate the wiring after soldering the USB-C connector. As a result, “it doesn’t look so pretty,” he said. Not to see the internal wiring. But you can see some of the super glue on the outside. It seems possible that the adhesive may contribute to the water resistance of the new USB-C port.

Coming soon on eBay, of course

Jöbstl said he plans to sell his waterproof USB-C iPhone on eBay to help fund more projects in the field.

Will it do more than Pillonel with reinforcement and waterproofing? Could this be a new home industry as the world waits – and EU lawmakers put pressure – on Apple to replace the lighting port with a USB-C port?

In any case, the eBay auction / sale starts on January 19, Jöbstl said. He did not share the initial offer / price.

As for the plans of a certain technology giant from Cupertino for iPhone ports, it is difficult to say whether we can expect the transition to USB-C. Some say the transition will be straight to a completely wireless design without ports.

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