Animal Crossing: New Horizons – How to make new bridges and slopes

When you first start playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons, most of your island is inaccessible because you can’t cross rivers or climb cliffs. Eventually you will be able to cross the water by making a pole for the jump after the Blathers pitch their tent on your island. Still, you’ll need to get some more work done and have plenty of bells to make it permanently easier to navigate your home.

Build your first bridge

After Timmy and Tommy open their store, Nook’s Cranny, Tom Nook will ask you to enter plots for three new villagers who want to move in. You can put them all in your starting area, but you will also have the option to build them across the river by building your first bridge.

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Tom will give you a recipe for building a log bridge made of four stakes, four clays and four stones. Collect materials and hit the DIY bench, and you will prepare a kit to build the bridge. Find a decent place. You will need to find a place where the river is the right width, and land on both sides even before you can start construction. As with any structure, you can imagine what it will look like before you commit. When you find the perfect place, you will be able to set up your construction site. Your bridge will be built the next day. Unfortunately, building more bridges is only getting more challenging.

Let’s talk about infrastructure

You won’t be able to build any more until you complete the Resident Services upgrade from tent to building by forcing those three villagers to move into their furnished homes. When that happens, Tom Nook will set up a table where you can talk to him about projects to work on. One of the options is “Let’s talk about infrastructure”, which will allow you to build additional bridges or slopes that will allow you to reach the elevated areas of your islands.

Unfortunately, you can’t just make these structures out of materials you’ve collected around the island. Instead, you will need to choose sets of different prices and styles. These are the eight types of bridges and their prices.

Slopes must be placed in a clear area relatively close to the base of the cliff. These are the eight types of slopes and their prices.

  • Natural ramp: 98,000 bells
  • Blue board ramp: 128,000 bells
  • Whiteboard ramp: 128,000 bells
  • Log staircase: 168,000 bells
  • Stone staircase: 168,000 bells
  • Brick staircase: 198,000 bells
  • Blue steel staircase: 228,000 bells
  • Red steel staircase: 228,000 bells

You will not have to pay the price in advance. Instead, once you install the kit, you will get a construction site under the supervision of Lloyd, who will ask for donations. As with everything else on your island, your residents won’t really help you. After you pay the full price, Lloyd will notify you that the project is complete and you can come back the next day to see it.

You will need to be careful where you place your slopes and bridges. The number you can set is limited. As of update 2.0, you can now have a total of ten on the entire island, an increase over the previous limit of eight. But if you need more, there are new permanent DIY ladders.

Walk on

These ramps, steps and bridges will not only make your island more accessible, but will also give it a little flair and give your villagers a little more room to roam. This is a fun way to start customizing your island. Gather the villagers you want along with some amiibo figures, build your bridges and slopes, and even redesign your home! Get creative and have fun!

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