Anchor’s new video tape webcam illuminates you for calls

AnkerWork’s B600 videotape is a webcam with microphones that illuminates you for calls.
Photo: AnkerWork

Like many companies showcasing their wares at CES 2022 in Las Vegas, Anker is addressing today’s hybrid WFH culture with new equipment. Through its AnkerWork division, it has introduced a webcam with audio tape to enhance your video calls. Through its Nebula brand, several people-funded premium laser projectors are coming. And the company had several other items.

AnkerWork B600 webcam

The company’s new AnkerWork B600 is an all-in-one tape that connects the multiple components needed for solid video calls. The unit looks like an unusually wide webcam because it combines a camera with a light strip. Includes a 2K camera and light bar to look good to others in conversation.

The 2K camera includes autofocus and allows you to adjust the field of view and improve the image using the AnkerWork MagicSight system. It can also automatically change the brightness and temperature of the paint.

In the audio department, the B600 includes a range of four microphones and built-in speakers. That means you don’t have to mess with headphones or a separate microphone – unless you want to. Dynamic beam shaping and algorithmic assistance help improve clarity and reduce background noise.

AnkerWork has combined all of these elements into one unit that can stand on top of your monitor as well as other webcams. This will help keep some of the clutter on the table.

The B600 will be launched on January 25 at a price of $ 219.99, AnkerWorks said. However, it is available for presale for $ 184.99.

AnkerWork's two Nebula Cosmos laser projectors allow you to stream media for the crowd.
AnkerWork’s two Nebula Cosmos laser projectors allow you to stream media for the crowd.
Photo: AnkerWorks

Nebula Cosmos laser projectors

Anker also unveiled its Nebula Cosmos Laser (1080p FHD) and Nebula Cosmos Laser 4K (UHD), the first two premium long-range laser projectors for streaming media and other uses.

These two models differ not only in video resolution, but also in sound. 4K uses two 10W speakers and two 5W speakers. The 1080p version uses two 10W speakers.

The projectors were launched on Kickstarter. The crowdfunding campaign for Nebula Cosmos Laser 4K and Cosmos Laser runs from January 11 to mid-March. After the campaign, Amazon and will be priced at $ 2,199 (4K) and $ 1,599.

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