Analyst: Apple shares could reach $ 200 according to self-driving car and headphone projects

Morgan Stanley analysts now say Apple shares could reach $ 200 as we approach the launch of new products such as augmented reality headphones or a self-driving car. Shares of Apple shares rose more than 2.5% in pre-sale trading based on this forecast.

As he pointed out from CNBC, Katy Huberty of Morgan Stanley believes the new Apple products being talked about, such as mixed-reality headphones or a self-driving car, are still not included in Apple’s stock price.

“Today, we know that Apple is working on products that will cover two significant markets – AR / VR and autonomous vehicles – and as we approach these products to become a reality, we believe that valuation should reflect the optionality of these future opportunities,” he said. is Huberty in the note.

AAPL shares are currently traded at around $ 169 per share, up nearly 40% from last year. The highest value of the stock in 52 weeks is $ 170.30, while the lowest value of 52 weeks is $ 116.21. If AAPL shares reach a target price of $ 200, it would set a new all-time record for the stock.

Huberty predicts that Apple’s mixed-reality headphones, which are rumored to arrive next year, could generate similar revenue as the iPad:

Huberty said about 6% of Apple’s total revenue in the past five years was generated from new products such as AirPods, Apple Watch and some Apple services, which did not exist five years ago. She said new products like AR headphones, which could contribute as much revenue as the iPad in the first four years of the market, could have similar growth in the next five years, equivalent to an increase in Apple’s share of about $ 20 per share. price today, on top of Morgan Stanley’s existing growth projections.

It is rumored that Apple’s mixed-reality headphones will be released sometime next year. The first version of the headset is said to focus on a combination of gaming, media consumption and communication. Meanwhile, Apple reportedly intends to release a fully self-driving vehicle as early as 2025.

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